Congratulations to Pascal Wehrlein, 2015 DTM Champion and the youngest ever to take the crown in the history of the series!

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The DTM Wiki is a wikia site, originally founded in February 2015 to provide information, discussion and debate on the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters Championship, better known as the DTM.

Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters

Having started in 1984 as the Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft (German Touring Car Championship), the DTM was relaunched after a four year absence in 2000, and remains in the same form to this day. Featuring cars from three of Germany's biggest car manufacturers, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, the DTM has seen over 400 races and almost the same number of drivers compete in its 31 year history, with the most recent 2015 season kicking-off with the new DTM Festival.

The official website of the DTM can be found here:

To view information for the current season of the DTM, head to this article: 2015 DTM Season.

About the DTM Wiki

The DTM Wiki was founded in February 2015, although it was not until May that any content was added to the wiki. As such, almost all of the information currently on the site relates to the most recent 2015 season (meaning there are 75 articles in existence). If any one reading this would like to aid the wiki, then please do so.

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With the smoke of the fireworks at the DTM Season Finale drifting away, the DTM Wiki asks which of the nine race weekends in 2015 was the most memorable?

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